Igniting scientific curiosity

Our workshops open the wonders of science and engineering to everyone, foster environmental stewardship, and encourage children to discover how science is used in their everyday world.

How Our Workshops and Programs Work

Browse through the catalogue and select a workshop.

Book your workshop and choose your preferred date.

Receive Mini Science Bags and distribute to students.

Presenters will lead the workshop. Virtual workshops will use Microsoft Teams.

Have fun while learning!

Our virtual classroom workshops bring:

  • Individually packaged investigative materials provided in advance.
  • Fun and relevant investigations that build critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills.
  • The opportunity to highlight STEM careers and professional opportunities for students.
  • Dynamic presenters, who are scientists, engineers, and technologists.

Why We’re Different

  • Our presenters are real scientists (not actors)!
  • We’re a non-profit! All of our workshops are subsidized by donors.
  • Longevity and reach: Since 1989, we have inspired over 10 million children in Canada.
  • We offer engaging, educational, and fun videos online for free.

Our Equity Initiatives

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10 Million Young Scientists Inspired Since 1989

Impact Story

Alexandra is currently embarking on a career in biological sciences with hopes to specialize in either environmental toxicology or animal biology. She has always been interested in animals – she is an avid horseback rider and instructor – but a particular encounter with a special Scientists in School “friend” sparked an interest in science, solidified her love of animals and may have led to her chosen career path.