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Our goal in every community is to become part of the educational fabric, where children become scientists in school in their early years, starting in Kindergarten, and experience both classroom and community workshops throughout their elementary years. In our mature service areas, youth enter high school often having experienced at least 10 of our workshops – one for every year of elementary school! We would not be able to make the difference that we do without our generous donors.

As a social enterprise charity, donors subsidize the cost of every workshop, which makes it affordable for most schools. However, we know that the user fee is a barrier to access for schools and community groups serving low-income communities. By providing complimentary workshops primarily through our Adopt-a- School and Lift-a- School programs, we are determined to ensure that regardless of where a child lives or the economic status of their family, all children across Canada will have equal access to our programming. In our 2024 Strategic Plan, this translates to tripling our current annual reach of 200,000 students attending schools serving low-income communities — but we can’t do it without your help.

It takes a community to make a difference — will you join us?

All donations support the work we do across the country. With your help, we can achieve a deeper impact both in terms of program quality and inclusivity for schools serving marginalized communities. Donations help us to do many things, but our top priorities are:

Complimentary workshops for schools and organizations serving marginalized communities.

Workshop subsidization to ensure that workshop costs are kept affordable for the most schools.

National expansion and high-quality program development.

Unrestricted funding to use where it is most needed. 

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Amy Schindler
Director of Fund Development and Communications

905-837-9626, ext. 237

Our Impact


Children and youth inspired through workshops annually


Investigative workshops delivered annually


Of the children we reach live in communities where they face barriers to educational enrichment, including low-income, Indigenous, rural, remote and newcomer communities.


Young scientists inspired since 1989

10 Million Young Scientists Inspired Since 1989

Impact Story : Nicholas, Engineering Science student at the University of Toronto

“In all of these investigations, I felt a sense of wonder instilled in me by the program. I was always excited going into Scientists in School, as I knew I would learn so much more about what I had observed on my own in the outside world. From analyzing the construction of insects to the physics of simple machines, my curiosity was always reinforced by the omnipresent sense of wonder I felt while completing that day’s experiments and activities.”

Meet Our Supporters

Scientists in School gratefully acknowledges the generous support of our many partners who share our passion for bringing science to life for tomorrow’s innovators and leaders. Thank you to current and past donors for helping us to inspire over 10 million young scientists since 1989!